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Doctor of science, Professor Dmitry Zaitsev submitted an electronic petition to the President of Ukraine directed to reloading science in the country and its integration into world’s community.
We ask you to register on the site and support the petition which implementation opens prospects of the budget funding of scientific research in International Humanitarian University and creation of research institutions as its new units.
Translation of the petition in English follows:

Principles of Researchers Rating, Creation and Dissolution of Research Institutions
To avoid insularity of Ukrainian science and for adoption of objective rating of research work results for allotting budget funds, it is offered to align principles of researchers and institutions rating in accordance with the best world’s practice:

  1. As a primary rating use citation indices and impact factors of Thomson Reuters.
  2. At equal (zero) values of the previous index, use indices of Scopus.
  3. At equal (zero) values of the previous indices, use indices of Google Scholar.
  4. Specify threshold values of indices for considerable promotion of researchers’ creative success.
  5. Specify lower threshold values of indices for dissolution of research institutions.
  6. Specify upper threshold values of indices for creation of new research institutions by leading scientists (groups of scientists).