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A keynote talk at a symposium in India about Sleptsov net computing

Professor of International Humanitarian University Dmitry Zaitsev will present a keynote talk at  an international symposium in India on Emerging Topics in Computing and Communications. His talk is devoted to Sleptsov Nets Computing. Anatoly Sleptsov is our contemporary and compatriot a specialist in computer science and information technology. We cordially invite you to participate in the symposium.

Abstract of the talk:

Sleptsov place–transition nets (that allow transition firing in multiple instances at a step) run fast by implementing multiplication and division operations in polynomial time. In comparison, Petri nets implement the mentioned operations in exponential time. Moreover, Petri nets are obtained as a special case of Sleptsov nets using loops with places having unit marking attached to each transition. We offer a Sleptsov net based computational paradigm which consists in writing programs in high-level Sleptsov nets, compiling them into low-level (plain inhibitor) Sleptsov nets, and running them on hardware processors of Sleptsov nets. We develop basics of a Sleptsov net programming technology including basic operations and program composition rules. Also we develop prototypes of Sleptsov net processors in the form of universal Sleptsov nets; for their efficient massively parallel hardware implementation we offer a concept of computing memory. We provide examples of programs written in Sleptsov net language for encryption/decryption with the RSA algorithm, calculation of fuzzy logic functions, parallel calculation of the solutions to Laplace equations, and control of manufacturing systems. Sleptsov net computers promise hyper-performance because of fast implementation of basic operations and a concurrent programming style consisting in a concise graphical language and small granulation of parallel processes on the level of separate events.