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The humanities department

The Humanities Department was founded in 2003 among the first departments at the University. From the date of its foundation the Humanities Department is headed by Ass. Prof. Vladimir Grigorevich Pischemukha.
The academic training is currently fulfilled by 9 staff Lecturers, including 1 Doctor of Education, 6 Candidates of Sciences, 2 senior lecturers, 1 lecturer, and also 2 part-time lecturers.
The Head of the Humanities Department is Associate Professor V. G. Pischemukha, Candidate of Historical Science.
A lot of lecturers well-known in academic circles worked at the Humanities Department at different times. It is necessary to mention among them Prof. A. I. Krasyuk, Ph. D. in History.
The work on the Doctoral and Candidate theses is the matter of great importance for the Department. Two Candidate theses have already been defended by the Department researchers and the other three Candidate and two Doctoral theses are at different stages of completion.
One of the most important tasks for the Department is to publish the collected papers in humanities. Since 2005 the University publishes “The Proceedings of International Humanitarian University” and the researchers of the Department regularly contribute their papers to these editions. “The Herald of International Humanitarian University. Series: History. Philosophy. Political science”, founded in 2010, includes the publications of leading Ukrainian and foreign researchers.
In 2011 the Department held the International On-line Conference “The Humanities: Methodology and Interdisciplinary Approach”.
The results of the Department research were presented at the International Theoretical and Practical Conference “The Formation of Professional Personality: Prospects and Development” that was held in February, 2012.
Educational work of the Department is directed at forming of world-view and intellectual values of a professional personality who is not only an expert in a certain academic field, but also a well-educated and cultured person. That is why the distinctive mark of the Department is the student film-club “Nostalgie” and optional lectures on the history of cinema at the International Humanitarian University.