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Departmentof Translation and Language

Translation and Linguistics Department was one of the first departments in the International Humanitarian  University  which  was founded  in 2003.
From the moment of its founding till 2013 the department was headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor Elena Obraztsova. Since 2013 the department has been headed by Ph D, Associate Professor Ludmila Grigor’yevna Talanova.

Ludmila Grigor’yevna  Talanova
Ludmila Grigor’yevna Talanova – head of the department, Ph D, Associate Professor
The basic Translation and Linguistics Department, that is responsible for undergraduates and graduates in philology, organizes and conducts the training, educational and scientific work with the students of the faculty.

Department  specialization:
English, French, Italian, Latin, Russian, Ukrainian, Foreign  Literature, Linguistics.

Scientific topic:
"Linguistic and linguodidactics bases of the multilingual and cultural competence formation"

Today the department has 20 Lecturers, including 1 Doctor of Science, 5 PhDs, 4 Senior Lecturers.

The teaching staff of the department:
Obraztsova Elena Mihaylovna, Doctor of Philology, Professor
Talanova Lyudmila Grigor’evna, Ph D, Associate Professor
Martyinyuk Olga Arkad’evna, Ph D, Associate Professor
Moroshanu Lyudmila Ivanovna, Ph D, Associate Professor
Shkvorchenko Natal’ya Nikolayevna, Ph D, Associate Professor
Bokareva Galina Vasil’yevna, Senior Lecturer
Maslovskaya Tat’yana Aleksandrovna, Senior Lecturer
Nikitina Irina Vasil’yevna, Senior Lecturer
Susloparova Svetlana Kazimirovna, Senior Lecturer
Koshchova Alla Vasi’lyevna, Lecturer
Leont’yev Aleksandr Nikolaevich, Lecturer
Pershina Lyubov Vladimirovna, Lecturer
Romaniuk Aleksandra Sergeevna, Lecturer
Talanova Olga Yur’yevna, Lecturer
Todorova Natal’ya Yuryevna, Lecturer

The department provides teaching of following disciplines:
- First Foreign Language Practical Course (English, French): phonetics,  lexis, grammar,  home- reading,  analytical reading
- Second Foreign Language Practical Course  (English, French, Italian): phonetics, lexis, grammar, home- reading
- History of Translation
- Practical Course in Translation: in business, in law, in tourism
- Practical Course in Translation (Second foreign Language)
- Fundamentals of Linguistics
- Fundamentals of Specialization
- The Latin Language
- The Ukrainian Language
- The Russian Language
- History of the Foreign Literature
- Fundamentals of  Literary  Criticism
- The English-Speaking Literature
- The Modern Ukrainian Literature
- Comparative Linguistics
- History of Linguistics
- Foreign Language Teaching Methods
- Area Study
-Elective Course (First Foreign Language)
- Elective Course (Second Foreign Language)
The department is the member of the Ukrainian translators’ union, the Ukrainian union of English language teachers, Association of teachers and philologists (Odessa). The Professors and lecturers of the department work as translators at the international conferences, seminars and forums. The results of the scientific work are reflected in numerous articles, theses, books on teaching methods and manuals.
The department takes an active part in scientific work. In November 2012 and November 2013 VI and VII International scientific conferences «Linguistic theory and practice: a historical heritage, up-to-date problems and development prospects» were held in the  name of Professor A.K.Korsakov. In May, 2013 scientific-methodological conference «Skilled Translators in Odessa», in December, 2012 the scientific-methodological seminar of the department «My Grammar Lab / My English Lab» were organised.