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Department of economics and foreign economic relations

Department of Economics and Foreign Economic Relations trains students in three specialties: “Economics of Enterprise”, “Foreign Economic Relations”, “International Business”.
Department of Economics can be described as having strong research and educational staff: the head of the department is Doctor of Economics, Prof. Y. N. Golovchenko.

Головченко Елена Николаевна

The teaching staff comprises 14 persons.
The Faculty works hard on “The problem of improving the efficiency of national economics of Ukraine in the conditions of obtaining membership in the World Economic Community”. This research work has already resulted in three doctoral theses defended by Y. N. Golovchenko, N. A. Botvina, N. S. Zavizena and one candidate dissertation (T. V. Butenko).
Research workers of the Department have published a number of monographs: “Economic safety of region as a guarantor of stability of national economics” (Doctor of Economics Y. N. Golovchenko), “Efficiency improvement of regional activity basing upon the informational infrastructure development” (Doctor of Economics N. S. Zavizena) and others.
Theoretical and practical student conferences are annually held in the faculty under the aegis of the department inviting speakers from other Odessa institutes and universities. The arrangement of conferences rests with Assoc. Prof. L. I. Gladchenko.
Since 2010 the Department of Economics and International Economical Relations has been cooperating with the National Scientific Centre “V. I. Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking” which helps our students to be engaged in active research as well as defending their diplomas and acquiring Master’s degrees.