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Management department

Management Department was founded in 2006 owing to expansion of specialties in the Faculty of Economics and Management. Specialties that provide training of managers were licensed in 2003. Long-term strategy of the department is based on deep comprehension of economic laws.

Коваленко М.П.

Graduates of the department can acquire a Bachelor degree, a diploma of a specialist as well as Master’s degree. All the three degrees are represented by the following specialties: “Management of Enterprise and Administration”, “Management of Foreign Economic Activities”. Students of the above specialties study advanced management of national and international tourism, they also study international marketing. The department provides training of future Masters in the following specialties: “Project Management”, “Business Administration” and “Administrative Management”. Programs for Master’s degree in Business Administration correspond to the most prestigious programs for the same degree in the West. Graduates prepare and defend their Master’s works due to real orders from enterprises. “Administrative Management” specializes in training specialists for customs bodies.
The Department is represented by highly-qualified specialists.
The department cooperates with the National University “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” of Moscow, the Far Eastern National University of Khabarovsk and other institutions. The students take their practical training period on the basis of the National University of Ukraine “Higher School of Economy”.