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Department of Business Administration and Corporate Security

Head of Department –  Professor Anatoliy G. Goncharuk

Anatoliy G. Goncharuk has MA in Operations Management (1997), PhD in Organization, Planning and Regulation of Economy (2001) and Doctoral Degree in Business Economics and Management (2010). He is a Full Professor (2012). He has published 9 monographs, 7 textbooks and above 120 research papers in various domestic and international refereed journals. Professor Goncharuk is a winner of the Grant of President of Ukraine for scientists. He is an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Applied Management and Investments (ISSN 2225-3467).
In addition, he is a member of:
- Performance Management Association (PMA)
- International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA);
- Editorial boards of various international scientific journals in management, economics and business.

Vice-Head of Department:
Professor Anatoliy I. Rybak

  Department of Business Administration and Corporate Security provides education in the following specialties:
8.18010016 – Masters of Business Administration
8.18010013 – Masters of Project Management
8.18010014 - Masters of Management of Financial and Economic Security
8.17010101 - Masters of Security of information and communication systems
Basic Staff of Department:
1 . Anatoliy G. Goncharuk – PhD, DSc, Full Professor, Head
2 . Anatoliy I. Rybak – PhD, DSc, Full Professor, Vice-Head
3 . Natalya A. Botvina – PhD, DSc, Associate Professor
4 . Yuriy P. Krasniy – PhD, DSc, Full Professor
5 . Vyacheslav G. Golovan – PhD, Full Professor
6 . Vladimir V. Sergeev – PhD, Assistant Professor
7 . Valeriy N. Gerasimov – Senior Lecturer
8 . Vladimir I. Zakharov – Senior Lecturer
9 . Larisa V. Shinkarenko – Senior Lecturer