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Educational process

Educational work at the Faculty organized strictly in accordance with the state educational standards for each of the ten specialties.
Among the curriculum there are courses of socio-humanitarian, fundamental, natural science, general economic, professional and practical training. Specialties programs include the study of relevant disciplines such as "strategy planning of organizations", "Investment and innovative design," "Management Information Systems", "The Business Case management decisions", "Management of international investment", "Managing the international competitiveness of enterprises" and many others.

For faculty staff created a rational scheme of doing classroom and consultation, which allows their creative work to prepare teaching development, tests, individual lessons, handouts, slides, etc. The training process is actively used for new forms and methods of teaching: lecture problem, business games, seminars, conferences, seminars, discussions and round tables. Used design methods of teaching when students are developing projects in special disciplines, developed presentations on subjects used technical training: multimedia boards, projection equipment, computer classes.