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Odessa Medical Institute and College

Ukraine first private Medical Institute and College in the structure of the International Humanitarian University has been established on the initiative of University President S.V.Kivalov in 2009.
Medical College accepts students after graduating from nine years of comprehensive school. After graduating from college they receive complete secondary education with corresponding certificate and associate degree pharmacist certificate. After receiving the associate degree pharmacist certificate and in a case of good academic performance, interest in research, and participation in public life of the Institute students are transferred to the second year of Medical Institute by specialty "Pharmacy" (Bachelor’ degree in pharmacy) or "Technology of perfumery and cosmetics" (Specialist level).

Now the pharmaceutical department enrolls more than 200 students in the field of "Pharmacy" and "Technology of perfumery and cosmetics". There are 3 professors, 18 associate professors, candidates of medical, chemical and biological sciences in the staff. Our specialists are in demand, so employment opportunities are very wide. If you chose the career in pharmacy, you will be able to join the noble profession – the nation health safekeeping.
Since 10.01.2013 two faculties have been opened – Stomatologic Faculty with specialty "Dentist-Physician" and Medical Faculty with specialty "Laboratory diagnosis" (Bachelor’ degree in pharmacy ).
Two-week practice is offered for the best students in the best clinics in Israel. Cozy, warm, bright and well ventilated auditoriums equipped with computers and video aids allow to carry out educational process at the contemporary world level. New "University drugstore" allows practical training and conduct manufacturing practice in a modern pharmacy. The library has medical books in all subjects.
Sports facilities give opportunity to engage in various sports at any time of the year and comply with domestic living conditions.