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College of economics and law

A decade - is it much or little? In the world’s history it is just an instant. In the history of the college it means several generations of graduates who created the history of the college and received their first start for their future life. Their first steps make up a piece of the history of the college which continues to develop in collaboration with the International Humanitarian University.
Economics and Law College of the International Humanitarian University started its activities as a structural division of the International Humanitarian University in 2003 according to decisions of the International Humanitarian University founders’ meeting on March 5, 2003.
The first enrolment of students took place in 2004-2005 academic year including 35 people on a speciality of law, 20 people on a speciality of economics of enterprises, 10 people on a speciality of maintenance of computer systems and networks. Each year the enrolment of students has been increasing. Today the College fully meets the requirements of modern education and training institution, the number of students exceeding 570 people. Six generations of graduates have already graduated from our College. The aim of foundation of the college lies in early career guidance of secondary schools pupils, step-by-step training of junior specialists by the “college and university” system.
Economics and Law College being a subdivision of the International Humanitarian University is higher educational establishment of I-II level of accreditation. It provides training in the fields of law, economics of enterprises, maintenance of computer systems and networks, translation, appraisement activities and graphic design. The length of the apprenticeship at the college is 3 years. Training of students is carried out under contract. Having graduated from the college the students receive full secondary education and the qualification of Junior Specialist.
The college graduates can work in various spheres and they can also continue their education without entrance exams in the 3rd year at National University "Odessa Law Academy" or at the International Humanitarian University at various faculties on the chosen specialty or in the 4th year of the university postal tuition.
Teaching law, humanitarian and economic disciplines is held by the professor-teaching staff of International Humanitarian University, and teaching general disciplines is fulfilled by the academic staff of College of Economics and Law.
More than 50 teachers carry out professional training of the collage students. They are Professors, Doctors of Sciences, Associate Professors, senior lecturers. 15 teachers of public disciplines provide the students with general education. All of them are highly qualified specialists and they are constantly improving and confirming their skills and qualifications.
High professionalism of the teaching staff allows the college students to demonstrate excellent performance in various areas of knowledge, to take prizes at regional competitions and contests. Thus, since 2008 the college students won prizes in Olympiads in Mathematics, Chemistry, World Literature, Ukrainian and English.
Scientific-methodical conferences and Olympiads were held on the basis of Economics and Law College. As for instance, the scientific-methodical conference dedicated to the150th Birth Anniversary of Anton Chekhov was held successfully in 2010. At this conference the first-year students demonstrated their creative abilities. Since 2010 regional Olympiads in Mathematics are held on the basis of the college.
For the organization of educational process the college uses an excellent material and technical base. Academic premises with total area of 5,000 square meters are assigned to the college situated in Odessa, Biskvitnyi lane, 3. There are 5 classrooms equipped with computers and lecture halls with multimedia projectors at this college.
The educational process is supported by training and study tours around the city and the country. Our students have been to Kyiv, Uman, Lviv, Poltava etc. Such excursions cultivate love to the native land, increase the interest in the cultural heritage, broaden the horizons of our younger generation.
Informational support of educational activity is performed by the University library. Its book fund is more than 500, 000 copies of modern scientific, educational and methodical literature, fiction and more than 2,000 periodicals. College students enjoy the University and Law Academy reading hall, which has 300 seats and is open till 19:00, including weekends. It gives the opportunity to our students to get the necessary information at any time, convenient for them. Thus, for the students of the college all conditions are created for their qualitative training. For the past few years a 100% methodical maintenance of educational process for the preparation of Junior specialists has been created by the teaching staff. There are trained such specialists as economists and lawyers, computer scientists and appraisers, translators and designers.
The aim of modern education is not only the quality of educational process, but also the continued strengthening of health of the younger generation. An excellent sports complex has been established on the College premises, which includes a variety of sports facilities: training premises, tennis and fitness facilities. In addition students have a sports training territory and a stadium, gymnasiums, shooting gallery, roofed tennis court. Thanks to the good sports complex equipment and highly qualified sports teachers, as all the teachers have the level of Masters of Sports, or Candidates for Master of Sports, the college students win prizes at international, regional and city competitions and contests. To enliven the educational process, various sports sections are organized. Competitions in tug-of-war, football, basketball, tennis are held between the students of different years.
Considerable attention is paid to the cultural and educational activities of the College. Students take part in all extracurricular activities at the University, College and the city levels. There are dance and vocal studios, vocal-instrumental ensemble "Allistry" within the college premises. Such contest as “Miss College” has already become a traditional event. There are held theme celebrations. They are: the Day of Knowledge, Teacher’s Day, the Day of Ukrainian Literature, concerts to mark the International Women’s Day, the Day of the Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan, the International AIDS Day. In autumn a concert “Pushkin’s autumn” was held. It has become a worthy tradition to visit orphanages where the students give concerts and give presents to children. The college students also visit shelters for homeless animals.
Flavouring the motto of the IHU «Perfection in everything» and initiative of the President of International Humanitarian University Academician Sergei V. Kivalov new specialties with good job opportunities are open on the basis of the college to add training in which are in great demand in modern society.