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Faculty of design

The speciality “Design” appeared at the International Humanitarian University in 2008, and the status of an independent department was granted in 2010. The founders of the Department were: A. Tokarev, Honored Artist of Ukraine, V. V. Zhimolostnova, and members of the Artists Union of Ukraine. The department staff has increased with the arrival of M. Zaitsev, the chief artist of the Musical Comedy Theater.
The research work of the Department lies in the three main areas: the creation of works of art in the form of artistic graphic projects, the development of research themes “Modern sign system as the basis of audio-visual and verbal culture” and “Design Projects” as an integral part of modern mass and elite Culture.
The Department supports creative and methodological links with leading educational institutions of Ukraine in the field of design, namely, the Kharkov Academy of Arts and Design, as well as the Kiev Academy of Fine Arts. The student practice is going on at leading design and creative enterprises in the city of Odessa.
The priority for the Department’s leading experts is to link educational and creative activities. Lecturers of the Department regularly participate in the international and Ukrainian exhibitions, master classes and plein-air sessions. In recent years they have created over 100 large graphic arts projects such as designing the posters for films, theater performances, museum exhibitions, design projects, the creation of various printed products starting from the layout of the book up to the album and the exhibition booklet.